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Fall is such a great time for fresh squash dishes and there’s so much you can do with them! Roast up a bunch over the weekend and use them throughout the week. I love using squash like this in stir-fry with other fresh veggies, lots of fresh tomatoes, herbs and soy proteins (lightlife’s veggie “sausage” is my favorite, great flavor and lots of protein). Get creative, it’s so healthy and tastes fantastic!

I didn’t include nutrition info because I want you to get creative! Use this as a base for your favorite flavors or enjoy as is! I used about 1 Tbsp. olive oil for all 4 halves and was pretty generous with the salt and pepper. Try adding a spicy kick with curry powder or go sweet with cinnamon and a little brown sugar!

For more healthy veggie recipes go here! :)

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Dehydrating and Re-hydrating home made BBQ Spaghetti

LOL what are you? Magic beans?

LOL what are you? Magic beans?

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Funny bug video